Aug 25, 2020Liked by Huw Lemmey

Because of your newsletter, I've decided to go back to Frasier after all those years. After I watch each episode, I come here and read your text about it. It's been a nice experience. When I saw episode 13, I was sure that the English breakfast would be a topic in your text. As a Brazilian guy, I must say I always find it amusing to find out what people from the US and the UK think of each other. Well, please keep doing a good job. Thanks!

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Aug 20, 2020Liked by Huw Lemmey

Really, really, really enjoying these insightful analyses - thank you.

And please DO get started on the American 'vision of England as a place of uniquely bad cuisine' - something that has long bothered and intrigued me. Plenty of fodder on that topic throughout Frasier.

Thank you for the time you're putting into this - a tonic for the current daily strangeness.

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